Water Adds Beauty and Balance to a Garden

There is something about even the smallest pond that adds a sense of tranquility and well being to a garden. Water brings extra dimensions to the garden both by encouraging birds, frogs and other wildlife and by the visual stimulation of either moving or still water. I recently placed a water bowl in our front garden where I have not had water before. It was placed for the birds in the dry weather but I am going to leave it there because it has really added something to what was a fairly boring corner.

Setting up a naturally balanced pond or large water pot is easy with a few simple steps and requires a small amount of maintenance compared to the enjoyment it brings.

Easy Pond Set Up:

1. To set up a pond that stays nice and clean with no mozzies, I like to start by putting a layer of fine stones / gravel on the bottom which seems to set up a natural filter.

2. Fill the pond with water and let it sit for a few days, to the water I add:
– Some oxygenating plants, which keep the water aerated and helps stop green algae.
– A few water snails.
– A waterlily, for the fish to hide under.
– And a bog plant, to use up excess nutrient.

3. Once it has settled down, add goldfish or native rainbows to control pests. The actual numbers will depend on the surface area / volume of the pond, if you get it right you shouldn’t even need to feed the fish.

Most of our water plants are supplied by local experts Suncoast Water Gardens, check out their website for great photos and growing information: www.suncoastaustralia.com