Quick protect your cycads now!

In the last few days the first of this year’s Cycad blue butterflies have emerged. They have become a serious pest of many cycads and it is time to be on the alert, if your cycads are starting to grow their annual new growth then it is time to act.

This seemingly harmless little steel blue butterfly lays its eggs on the soft new growth in the middle of the cycad. Left uncontrolled the caterpillars will ruin the plant.

Here are the facts
1. Only attacks soft new growth
2. A small hard to see caterpillar chewing the back of the leaf.
3. Use a chewing insect spray ( We recommend Dipel or Eco-Neem ) each week until new growth hardens.

Click on the photo link to see an interesting article I found about the Cycad Blue Butterfly by the University of Guam

More Details: Cycad Blue Butterflies have become a pest on the Sunshine Coast in the last few years. We are not the only place where they are a new pest. Click photo to see an interesting article and fact sheet..

We recommend Dipel or Eco-Neem sprays because they are safe for bees and other beneficial insects while being very effective on caterpillars.

The caterpillars feed on the back half of the leaf causing the leaf to dry out and die, this has caused confusion as it makes the plant look burnt or as if it is being affected by a fungus.