Dry Weather Gardening

It’s been great to finally hear some rain hitting the roof! Whilst we welcome these showers, the soil in our gardens is still very dry and it’s worth considering a number of things you can do to help your plants cope when we have long periods of dry weather:

WATERING It is best to give plants a long soak, watering less often, so the water penetrates deep down. Plant roots near the surface will struggle but deeper roots will thrive in the moist subsoil. Gradually lengthen the time between watering to give time for roots to develop deeper down.

SEAWEED Most of you know I am a big fan of Kelp extract / Liquid seaweed. Well here is another reason why – it is well recognised and documented that spraying your plant foliage with diluted liquid seaweed helps the plant cope with all sorts of stress including dry weather. Spray as often as once a fortnight but even one spray will help.

HELPFUL PRODUCTS There are a number of modern additives (wetting agents) which help improve water uptake in dry soil. Eco-hydrate made by Organic Crop Protectants is a great product to help save your valuable plants that are at risk of drying out, it aids with water penetration and also holds moisture in the root zone using a clever combination of natural ingredients.