Bindiis are about to strike!

There is only weeks left before the scourge of our lawns – bindii will get prickly. The prickles are attached to their seed pods and it is their method of spreading. Stuck in some unsuspecting human or animal foot the seeds are carried along to a new destination.

As spring arrives the bindii will get prickly but there is still time to control them.

1: By hand – It is surprisingly easy to clear a lightly infested lawn using an old knife to slip under the plants . Do a follow up a couple of weeks later to get ones you missed or that have grown since. If there are no prickles they can go into the compost as the seeds should not be viable.

2 Natural Ingredients – Here is a link to a Gardening Australia article by Jerry Colby-Williams…

Fact sheet: Weed free lawn

3: Chemicals – I hate to say it but badly infested and neglected lawns may need to be sprayed. Bindii tend to grow in compacted and poorly kept lawns. So after spraying, feed the lawn with a highly mineralised organic feed and be careful not to mow too short.