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An Expensive But Unnecessary Problem Affecting Both Most Private and Commercial Gardens!

The following story illustrates how a simple change in your gardener's job description can help owners and body corporates avoid large and costly repairs.

Healthy Soil Healthy Garden

For the last 15 years I have been attempting to teach people about the importance of the health of the soil for their garden's health. I just watched an episode of gourmet farmer on SBS tv which graphically illustrated the point.


They eat plants! Usually the ones you don’t want them to. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed a sudden increase in the number of small grasshoppers in the nursery. Did you know little grasshoppers moult 5 – 6 times and become big ones? With much bigger appetites!

About Eco-neem® Organic Insecticide

Eco-neem® is making its presence felt across the industry as a safe organic insecticide.

Getting Things To Grow Under Trees

While the trees above may be quite magnificent often the same cannot be said for the garden below. I recently had time to reflect on this as I sharpened my crowbar and shovel ready for an assault on the densely matted roots of golden cane palms and large trees. These beauties had led to the decline of the garden below. Was it the roots, the shade, the dryness or starvation? Was I embarking on an exhausting act of futility?

Water Adds Beauty and Balance to a Garden

There is something about even the smallest pond that adds a sense of tranquility and well being to a garden. Water brings extra dimensions to the garden both by encouraging birds, frogs and other wildlife. Setting up a naturally balanced pond or large water pot is easy with a few simple steps...

Quick protect your cycads now!

In the last few days the first of this year’s Cycad blue butterflies have emerged. They have become a serious pest of many cycads and it is time to be on the alert, if your cycads are starting to grow their annual new growth then it is time to act.

Dry Weather Gardening

It's been great to finally hear some rain hitting the roof! Whilst we welcome these showers, the soil in our gardens is still very dry and it's worth considering a number of things you can do to help your plants cope when we have long periods of dry weather:

Bindiis are about to strike!

There is only weeks left before the scourge of our lawns – bindii will get prickly. The prickles are attached to their seed pods and it is their method of spreading. Stuck in some unsuspecting human or animal foot the seeds are carried along to a new destination. As spring arrives the bindii will get prickly but there is still time to control them.